There are two pieces of the puzzle when assessing capabilities for a farm succession: the owner and the successor.

Most people assume that an assessment of the successor is the only task at hand since it’s all about getting them prepared to take over the farm. And that’s true. But assessing the owner’s capabilities and skills is important too. It helps map out what the successor will learn from the owner and what skills and expertise they’ll need to find elsewhere.

To keep things peaceful and to ensure the best possible assessment, it’s a good idea to build some objectivity and balance into the assessment process. So, owners and successors should do a self-assessment, be assessed by one another and also be assessed by an objective third party.


Action Point

Agree on an objective third party to take part in the assessment. The ideal person is someone who is familiar with the owner and successor and has a good deal of experience working with them on the farm. Now that you’ve chosen an objective third party, it’s assessment time.



I’m ready to take a skills and competency self-assessment.


Next Step

After you have finished your self-assessments and assessments of each other’s skills and capabilities, mark this section complete and continue to find out what's next!