You’ve done a lot of work. Now you just have to pull all your decisions together and look at them as one whole package.

We mentioned early in this step that these decisions are often inter-related. So a decision in one area may impact your decisions or options on another matter.

The fastest and most effective way to check for conflicts among decisions is to bring your advisors together at one time and run through the decisions you’ve made. If conflicts come up, you and your advisors can run through possible solutions together. You will get the most value for the professional fees you pay, and for your own time, by bringing this group together.

And remember: It’s your advisors’ job to make your life easier. They’re going to work together to help.

Action Point

Bring your advisors together and discuss the decisions you’ve made. Adjust any decisions in the relevant table on your worksheet(s).

Next Step

Now you’ve worked with your advisors and have all of your decisions made. What else do you need to do? Mark Complete and continue to find out.